I already know I want this!

You started this homeschooling thing with a honkin' cup of coffee and a hefty dose of "I've totally got this" gusto. You visited HSLDA, listened to every podcast episode, and read all the homeschooling books and blog posts. You invested in the perfect planner, the pretty pens, and dusted off that library card. You researched homeschool philosophies, schedules, and local co-ops. And then you found the perfect curriculum... or so you thought.


You poured yourself a strong cup of coffee, sharpened all the pencils, and cracked open those textbooks.


You were ready to rock this homeschool gig.


Primed to be the homeschool mom you've seen in your Instagram feed. The smiling one with the engaged, happy kids. Homeschooling was going to be a blast.


But things didn't exactly go as planned.


That perfect curriculum? It's a bust. It makes your kids cry... and your wallet is crying, too. Your homeschool days are riddled with sibling squabbles, endless interruptions, missing pencils, power struggles, and tears. That plan you envisioned falls apart before you've had a chance to touch your second cup of [lukewarm] coffee.


You just overheard your daughter telling the neighbor that France is located in New York. Your oldest son doesn't know what grade he's in and your youngest spends more time chewing pencils than writing.


And, honestly? You're spending waaaay too much time hiding in the pantry with your chocolate stash.


Every night, once the kids are in bed, you resolve to do it better. It has to be easier than this. There's got to be a better way. But every day feels like Groundhog Day.


You feel stuck. You don't know where to go from here. All of the traditional homeschool methods haven't worked for your kids. You need something outside the box, just like them.


In your darkest moments, when you lay awake at 3 am, you wonder if you're really cut out for this homeschool gig. You fear you're failing your children. That they'll have huge educational gaps. That they'll never get into college. You question whether they'd be better off riding that big yellow bus.


You're usually an optimist, but you are starting to doubt your ability to homeschool well. And that you could actually be the calm, confident homeschooler with the happily engaged, curious kids- instead of being constantly plagued by self-doubt, schedule changes and interruptions, and impulsive curriculum switches.


If there was a simple, step-by-step method for adding more play to your homeschool day while checking off all of those academic must-do boxes...

Hi there! I'm Cait.

I'm a homeschool mom to three terrific kiddos. We've been homeschooling for seven years and we've had our share of ups and downs.

I've learned that children thrive when they are encouraged to pursue curiosity and delight. Simple unit studies make a BIG difference when it comes to cultivating a family culture of joyful, lifelong learning.


And guess what? Curiosity and lifelong learning will help your kids tackle anything!

Simple Unit Studies


Unit studies allow children to pursue delight and curiosity while also crossing off all of those academic bases that weigh on your mind.


With simple unit studies, children of all ages can learn and explore together. And unlike that pricey curriculum, simple unit studies are budget-friendly.


Better yet? Homeschool parents can serve as curiosity mentors, showing children where to find information, how to think about it, how to digest it, and how to apply it.


By learning alongside your children, you will build a family culture of joyful curiosity and lifelong learning- and this is a life skill that will serve your children well!

You don't need the perfect curriculum, the perfect planner, or the perfect schedule.


You don't need to remember how to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius, the Pythagorean theorem, the dates of the French and Indian War, or how to diagram a sentence. You can relearn all these things together.


You were your child's very first teacher. You celebrated first smiles, first steps, and first words together. No one on this planet loves this child more than you, and no one knows this child better than you. No one, not even the world's greatest teacher, wants this child to succeed in life more than you do.


But the good news is- you don't need to be the world's greatest teacher to rock this homeschool gig. You need only be a willing sidekick, a joyful mentor, and your child's biggest cheerleader. Just as you've always been. You've been doing this all along, mama. The only thing that has changed is the label: homeschool mom.


By modeling joyful curiosity and lifelong learning, you can teach your child how to learn anything, from knitting a pair of funky socks, to recording an album, to fixing that leaky dishwasher.


How do you model this joyful curiosity and lifelong learning, you wonder? Through simple unit studies that include heaps of delicious books, hands-on exploration, and discovery, and so much more.

  • Cover many academic bases at once. In the real world, academic subjects overlap!

  • Combine ages and stages, making for a more fluid homeschool day. Unit studies level the playing field. Bigs and littles can pursue delight together! In the real world, we aren't separated by birth year!

  • Teach your children how to seek information, think about it, digest it, and apply it. You're modeling how to learn well!

  • Stop struggling with analysis paralysis and finally make important changes to your homeschool routine.

  • Quit trying to find the perfect tools and embrace the now, enjoying the moment and learning alongside your children.

  • Raise joyful, curious, and lifelong learners who aren't afraid to think outside the box and pursue passions.

Enroll today and have a better tomorrow!



I LOVE this course, Cait! It's so well done- the audio is crystal clear, the content is top-notch (as always), and the layout is stellar! You've got my wholehearted 2 thumbs up, and as someone whose homeschool was radically changed for the better by the concept of Lazy Unit Studies and desire-led learning from you on the podcast and from following you online, I can see how this is really going to help so many.



Cait's passion for being a champion for the homeschooling parent is evident in the time and care she's put into this project. I love how the course is self-paced and how every lesson within it holds a valuable, "ah-ha" that has helped me shift from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated at time to encouraged and ready to take my children's next topic of interest and turn it into a fun and authentic educational experience for them, without the planning fatigue I've encountered before. Thank you Cait!!"



Cait's Lazy Unit Studies really helped reset calm in our home. I've gone from drowning in my kids' sea of interests to navigating tsunamis (a current kid obsession) like a pro!

You don't want to waste another minute worrying about whether you're doing this homeschool thing right, wondering if the curriculum you bought is a bust, or losing sleep due to overwhelm.


Homeschooling shouldn't feel hard or overly complicated.


You can enjoy learning alongside your children. When you do so, you are teaching them how to be joyful, lifelong learners. And you're creating countless memories together!


You're building a home they'll want to come home to.


I truly believe that there's never been a better time to break from that public school mindset and craft the homeschool of your dreams.


I want you to homeschool with confidence, knowing you're raising curious, joyful, lifelong learners who will be ready for anything life throws at them- even a year as weird as 2020!

Count me in, Cait!
Enroll today and have more fun tomorrow!



Strewing and unit studies always look so easy and amazing on Instagram, but then when I do it with my boys and it doesn't look like those other families, I get very frustrated. This course was extremely beneficial. I highly recommend it for every homeschooler, no matter where they are in their journey- newbie to veteran and for any style. For the homeschooler who wants to add more in simply to the rigorous homeschooler who wants to slow down and relax a bit. 



Nothing knocks the wind out of a homeschool mama's sail as quickly as the words, "but I like [insert interest d'jour] now." I want my children to want to learn and unit studies can be the perfect way to engage them but I didnt' know how to best balance their ever changing interests with how much time and effort I put into organizing the units until I took Cait's Lazy Unit Study Course! Not only is this course so encouraging to me as a homeschooling parent but she really has done all the work for me too! This course is practical and informative. Her resource library alone is worth every penny! 



I just want to say THANK YOU for everything you do, I am so encouraged and inspired by you. The way you homeschool and also how you share it is such a gift and has been a blessing to my family.