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Every month, we welcome a special guest to Never Board Learning for a live community event. 


We love to chat with members of the homeschool community, board game designers, and gameschoolers. On this page, we're sharing some of our past guests.

These are live events and replays of all past NBL events are available in the NBL Resource Library. Our NBL Premium members (annual subscribers) also have access to The NBL Playlist, a private podcast where all past NBL events are available in their favorite podcast app.


"I use the example of Monopoly a lot. When you ask someone, who hasn't played Monopoly in 20 years, they know what color Boardwalk is, they know how much it costs, they can tell you some of the other properties."

- Jim Moran of Semper Smart Games


Brandon Hendrickson

Science is WEIRD   

Brandon is the founder of Science is WEIRD, where he teaches online classes about the beautiful basics of all the sciences.

His goal is to help families raise Renaissance people — adults who can bring together amazing insights from across the world to help mend the world.

He’s lived in Wisconsin, Arizona, and Washington, and now resides in beautiful Rochester, Minnesota with his wife and two kids (third on the way!).


Sarah Mackenzie

Read-Aloud Revival   

Sarah Mackenzie is an author, speaker, and podcast host. On the immensely popular Read-Aloud Revival podcast, she helps parents all over the world make meaningful connections with their kids through books. She lives in the Northwest with her husband, Andrew, homeschools their six kids, and loves making sure her family is well-stocked in the best books she can find. 

Kara Anderson

Author of More Than Enough

Kara S. Anderson loves to encourage parents in connection not perfection and is best known for her blend of humor and vulnerability. She is the author of the book More Than Enough: Grow Your Confidence, Banish Burn-Out and Love Your Homeschool LifeKara lives in Illinois with her husband and two awesome children.


Jim Moran

Semper Smart Games 

Semper Smart Games creator Jim Moran is a retired Coast Guard officer and has also been an SAT and ACT tutor for almost two decades. He invented the patent pending PlaySmart Dice™ system to ensure his daughters achieved fluency in the essential math operations he saw many students struggle with as they prepared for college entrance exams.

With his game Election Night!, he wanted to help his daughters learn other things we should know—like U.S. geography and the mechanics of the Electoral College. Most importantly, he wanted all kids to have fun with games that encourage them to think big things—like running for and becoming President of the United States.

Shawna Wingert

Different by Design Learning 

Shawna Wingert is a special education teacher turned writer, speaker and consultant. She is also mom to two brilliant boys with differences and special needs, so her professional background and real-life experience provide a practical, rare perspective. You can find her at Different by Design Learning.


Ben Harkins

Floodgate Games

Ben Harkins is a board game designer and owner of Floodgate Games. The mission of Floodgate Games is to create everlasting experiences through gaming. Floodgate Games always has something new and exciting in the works! 

Betsy Mays

Games by Absolute Zero

Betsy Mays is the Founder and Creator of Games by Absolute Zero.

As a parent, math teacher, and math curriculum and instruction specialist, Betsy knows the importance of a good foundation in mathematics. Betsy also knows the anxiety and struggle many kids (and adults) encounter when faced with math. Betsy created games to help. Games by Absolute Zero are fun while reinforcing foundational math skills. Betsy's goal is to give parents and teachers tools (in the form of games) they can use to turn their kids into confident mathematicians!


Dr. Robin

Dr. Robin's School

Dr. Robin's School provides an extracurricular and homeschool science curriculum that's fun for kids, easy for parents, and so in-depth it can only be taught by a physician.

As a homeschooling mom of two kids herself, Dr. Robin was discouraged by the lack of high-quality science education. Even worse, what was available required more work from the parents than the student. When Dr. Robin began teaching science classes via zoom, she discovered that many parents had bought a science curriculum or anatomy coloring book recommended by their preferred homeschooling method but then never used it because the parent had to learn the curriculum or anatomy themselves in order to teach it! This course is completely different. It allows kids to learn completely on their own. Everything they need is in the lesson, with no work required from the parent!

You ARE An Artist Chalk Pastel

Bonus Event: Shark Week Fun with Nana and NBL

At Never Board Learning, we love to surprise and delight our community members. And that's exactly what we did in July of 2021 when we celebrated Shark Week with Nana and Tricia from You ARE An Artist Chalk Pastel.

The You ARE an ARTiST membership program. This allows parents to have a one-stop shop for turning homeschool days into memories. In the You ARE an ARTiST Clubhouse, Tricia and Nana show you how simple it is to use art as a tool in your homeschool days too!





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