I already know I want this!


You started this homeschool gig with plenty of caffeine, a smile, and "I've got this" enthusiasm. You did your research, listened to podcasts, read all the books, and found some favorite homeschool accounts on Instagram. You dusted off that library card and filled your totes to overflowing.


That first morning, you poured a cup of coffee, gathered the library haul, and started to read.


You were ready for the magic. You had big plans to knock this homeschool thing clear out of the park.


Primed to be the homeschool mom you've seen in your Instagram feed. The one with the gorgeous books and engaged, happy kids. You weren't going to get stressed out or overwhelmed. Homeschooling was going to be so much fun and so good for your family.


But things haven't exactly gone as planned.


Your read alouds are anything but magical. They're filled with endless interruptions, off-topic questions, sibling throw-downs, and more tears than you'd care to admit. It's kind of soul-crushing, to be honest. Everything seems to unravel before you've had a chance to reheat that second cup of coffee.


And then bedtime? Ugh. You've been together all day and you're all fried. The sibling squabbles make you want to pull your hair out. You struggle to keep your patience in check some nights, lose the battle other nights, and it's not unheard of for you to doze off entirely while waiting for your slowpoke to pick a book.


You want your read-alouds to fuel learning. You want to share delicious read-alouds with your children and to have them hang on every word and beg, "Please, mama. Just one more chapter."


You feel stuck. You're usually an optimist, but you are starting to doubt it all. You can see where you want your family to be, but you can't seem to get there. You don't know where to go from here.

Hi there! I'm Cait.


I'm a school psychologist-turned-homeschool mom to three terrific kiddos.


We've been homeschooling for seven years and we've had our share of ups and downs over those years, but I've learned firsthand that there are a few super-simple elements of the homeschool day that make a HUGE difference when it comes to cultivating a family culture of joyful, lifelong learning.


Want to know THE MOST IMPORTANT part of the homeschool day?


Your read-aloud routine!

Join today and knock your read-aloud out of the park tomorrow!

We have been homeschooling for 7 years and every single day starts the same. I pour a cup of coffee and then I read aloud to my kids while they eat breakfast. We call this routine "Coffee and Books"


"Coffee and Books" sounds too simple, right? It sounds like a cheat, but here's the thing- the very best ideas are the simplest ones!


This morning read-aloud fuels learning all day long. I can cover any academic subject, any area of interest, any area of weakness- and every child benefits.

You can do this, too. You can craft a read-aloud routine that works for your unique family. It might not be first thing in the morning, and you may prefer tea over coffee, but you can rock THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of your homeschool day.


I'm over-the-moon thrilled to share my tried-and-true "Coffee and Books" method with you.


I promise this approach to reading aloud can have an immediate impact on your homeschool.


I'm going to help you grow your confidence and to create a read-aloud routine that you'll look back on one month from now with a big, huge smile!

Enroll today and have a better tomorrow!



Cait! You helped me to supplement my kids' world with literature and have fun doing it.



I just have to say that this has changed our whole day. My kids are happier, I am happier. There's less fighting and we actually get more "school" done!



I love being able to incorporate great books into our daily homeschool routine. Every book you share is great quality. Our library trips have never been better!

Enroll today and knock your read-aloud out of the park tomorrow!



Starting our day with "Coffee and Books" has breathed new life into our homeschool routine!



Our homeschool life was rather dull and filled with lots of worksheets and busywork. We were going through the motions but not enjoying it like I felt we should. "Coffee and Books" has changed our homeschool for the better!



I just want to say THANK YOU for everything you do, I am so encouraged and inspired by you. The way you homeschool and also how you share it is such a gift and has been a blessing to my family.